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Elisabeth Fong: Gap Year Student (Independent Delegate) Russia Today

Topic A: Situation in Kosovo The Republic of Kosovo, located between Albania and Serbia, was established when its largely ethnic-Albanian population issued a declaration of independence from Serbia enacted on February 17 2008. This controversial act was ultimately brought to the International Court of Justice, where it was decided that Kosovo’s declaration was valid and did not breach international law. The international response to this contentious declaration is mixed; only 56% of UN member states have recognised the Republic of Kosovo.

For the most part of its history, Kosovo was under the governance of the Kingdom of Serbia. The first Constitution of the Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (during the communist years of Yugoslavia) set Kosovo and several other regions as autonomous provinces within Serbia. The Yugoslav Constitution in 1974 increased the autonomy of the provinces including Kosovo. In addition, they were given the power to issue status change without the republic’s (Serbia’s) consent. The Serbs did not appreciate this new change and began to push for supremacy to be given to Serbia.

Ultimately, the differing strong opinions resulted in the 1999 Kosovo War. On the one side, there were ethnic Albanians fighting for Kosovo’s independence. On the other side, there were the Serbians and Yugoslavs, authorities that were ...

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