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Buddy Ng Zheng Hao

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Topic 1: Mining Rights

Legislation of Mining Rights is the proposed regulation of unjust and unsustainable methods to extract minerals. Such regulation will cause the erosion of free trade, as it is clearly an act of implementing a “trade-distorting” policy by giving coal mining companies using “proper methods” the chance to carry on mining, which is clearly an advantage, while causing companies affected by this legislation to have to waste precious time and money having to look into new methods of mining. Such policies are not a feature of free trade, which advocates no “trade-distorting” policies, such as taxes, laws, or regulations, which give factors of production advantages over others [1].

The United States of America (USA) has forged emission limiting deals with China [2], which plan to stop the powering of our country by limiting the use of coal. This essentially stops the mining and selling of it, which clearly stops Americans from making money. The USA has also pushed for the first international climate accord [3], which is planning on cutting down on coal-powered power plants, as well as phasing in usage of clean energy. Again, it is costing Americans a way of making their money by stopping the mining, and by extension, the sale of coal. In addition, it has also initiated the Clean Power Plan [4], whic...

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