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Hoh Kah Yee

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Asahi Shimbun

Hoh Kah Yee

Changkat Changi Secondary School

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women: Women and Sports

a) Even though societal views of women engaging in sports are changing, women are still not receiving equitable treatment in sporting arenas as men continue to dominate the area. Organisers of sporting events, sponsors, and the media continue to overlook or discriminate against female sports teams, and societal norms or religious beliefs may discourage female athletes from participating to their fullest potential, traditional views of gender roles and stigmas attached to women's abilities seem to influence the rate of participations of female athletes [1] and female team are still receiving lesser funds compare to man. Though in Japan women in sports is rising in numbers and recognition, they are still treated unfairly. For example, in the 2012, Japan’s World Cup-winning women’s soccer team flew to the London Olympics in premium economy class, while their male counterparts in the under-23 team got to travel in business class. And the reason for such situation is ,...

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