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Committee: GA6 Legal Topic: Topic 1: Measures against doping at international sporting events Topic 2: Strengthening the position of the ICC Country: Netherlands

The Netherlands has a population of 17 million people, is ranked 5th on the human development index and is the world's second largest exporter of agricultural goods. It is located in Europe with Belgium, Germany as neighbours and connected to the North Sea. The delegation of The Netherlands has the highest density in the European Union resulting in 493/km2. This country is a monarchy, with Willem-Alexander as King and Mark Rutte as The Netherland's Prime Minister.

Doping are different types of drugs taken by athletes in order to have a better endurance or increase muscle strength in sports. It is a problem for the athlete i.e. causing health and safety issues but it is also an International problem which affects fair and honest sports competitions. According to the anti-doping policy, the reason not to take doping is for “ethics, fair play and honesty, health, excellence in performance, character and education, fun and joy, teamwork, dedication and commitment, respect for rules and laws, respect for self and other participants, courage, community and solidarity”. In the years preceding ...

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