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Committee : UNESCO Topic : Promoting and improving gender equality Country : United States of America

Recent famous speeches have enlightened the fact that gender equality is still an issue for men and women on political, social, economic aspects. Indeed, last President of the United States, Barack Obama, declared in 2015 about this subject there was « still work to do to save the blessings of our country for every American daughter ». The United States believes that being on an equal footing will contribute to men and women’s self-fulfillment because men are as concerned by this issue as women. Emma Waston’s famous speech at the United Nations for the launching of the HeForShe Campaign emphasised this idea. She also insisted on the positive effects bridging this gender gap will have by developing peace and sustainability worldwide. Today, the place of women in decisive jobs such as politics or economics functions is still weak. As a matter of fact, only 22% members of parliament around the world are women and more globally, women earn 75% of men’s earnings with the same degree and work charges. Even though society has undergone tremendous changes in the last century with the right to vote for example, gender inequality stays a major issue today. What is in stake here is the question of increasing equality between men and women to make our world fairer and stronger.

Gender equality is one of the most decisive topics announced in the Agenda 2030. Furthermore, UNESCO has created in 1977 the International Women's Day which takes place every 8th of March. Last year’s theme was: “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality." This decision has been taken...

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