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Chazz Sutherland

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Topic 1: Committee: UNHCR Country: South Africa School/University: Maastricht University Delegate Name: Chazz Sutherland

While political conflicts have existed since the beginning of time, the last couple of years political conflicts often have revolved around the issue of political refugees. Political instability can lead to an unstable government and a divided population. The consequences of political instability are many. Both social and economic turmoil pose great threats to a country in conflict. The inhabitants of the country no longer feel safe and the economy quickly falls. These problems can lead people to flee from their country of residence and seek refuge in an other, more stable country. These people are called political refugees. To deal with this issue, the UN signed the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees.

In the past decades, the number of refugees rose as a result of many wars and conflicts, including civil wars and religious struggles. This happened not only on the African continent but all over the globe. In 2014, almost 60 million people were forcibly displaced. South Africa is amongst the nations that has to deal with the consequences of a large amount of political refugees that seek protection and a new life in this country. In South Africa the population will rise and this will lead to new pressures. It can also lead to conflicts as the citizens have different opinions on the arrival of the many refugees. It is also a burden for the economy as all these refugees have to be protected and have to be provided with assistance, housing and basic needs.

Many African nations struggled ...

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