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Topic 1: Refugees after Crisis – Assisting the Return and Reintegration of Refugees

The People’s Republic of China believes that the major difficulty encountered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in dealing with organised, voluntary repatriation, is the usual lack of infrastructure and means of production in the country of return. Notwithstanding the previous attempts made by this Committee together with some other international bodies (i.e. the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme), this difficulty is still outstanding, for the necessity of an improved cooperation between the said organisations. The 4-Rs Approach, adopted in 2003 by UNHCR and UNDP rightly consisted of a four-step process in order to render repatriation more effective and lasting, but it has proved flawed, because of a lack of communication between the agencies. 
Moreover, the People’s Republic of China favours the actions of the Brookings Process, between the UNHCR and the World Bank, and sponsored by UNDP. Even so, the task of reintegrating refugees in their home countries remains a vexed question for the high possibility of a new crisis ensuing.

The People’s Republic of China believes that the only viable solution to reintegrate displaced people into their home country is to favour the chances of said countries to offer to their citizens the infrastructure and government benefits they need for a dignified resettlement. We believe that the closer attempt to this was made with the Brookings Process, and therefore it should be improved and more thoroughly applied in every scenario of reintegration of refugees. The Brookings Process ensures a co-operation between the UNHCR and the World Bank, which provides refugees with both the necessary humanitarian support and the economic aid to their countrie...

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