League of Arab Nations (Arab League)
Palestine, State of


Patricia Senge

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TOPIC A - YEMEN The Arab League has set its aim to realize a close collaboration between its Member States, which is why we are gathered today. In our focus are not only financial and cultural questions but most importantly matters of security and threats to the sovereignty of its Member States – this is what we are focusing on during our discussions today. The Yemen conflict is not only a threat to the sovereignty of Yemen but as well to Saudi Arabia and Oman. A spill over effect could affect the whole Golf region. We need to react before such a catastrophe can happen. The Palestinian Authority supports the coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia (started 2015) to provide military intervention in Yemen. This decision is agreed by an Arab consensus, meaning not only the Fatah supports the decision but as well the Hamas. Although the Hamas did not take a clear position on the two sides of the conflict, interpreting the statements elucidates that even the Hamas support the Yemen government and thus the coalition of Arab states. We are backing the united military fo...

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