League of Arab Nations (Arab League)


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Position Paper Topics: Response to the threat of violent non state actors in Yemen/ The Arab League's Role in the Syrian Civil War Country: Republic of Tunisia Committee: The League of Arab States Delegate: Pia Haupeltshofer

Topic A: Response to the threat of violent non state actors in Yemen

The civil war in Yemen is a result of the failed transitional process following the turmoil of the Arab spring. Neither Washington nor world politics in general have a Yemen policy, much less a progressive vision for the country. So the only way to achieve a stable political order in the Arabian Peninsula is through the collaboration of the states of this league. In regard of past events Tunisia believes that military campaigns conducted largely from the air do not help establish zones of stability, end conflicts, or lead to conditions that defeat non-state terrorist networks. Yemeni people have to pay the price of such air strikes: 2.4 million Yemenis are interna...

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