Syrian Arab Republic


Hans Hoppe

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Position Paper of the Syrian Arab Republic

Topic A. Resettlement of Syrian refugees in the Middle East and Asia

Since March 2011, the Syrian Arab Republic is suffering from a civil war of unknown dimensions. Social unrest has resulted from poor economic conditions and the increasing gain of power of terrorist organisations. In search of a better life and more safety, 4.8 million Syrians (to this date) have fled the country. Not only does this increase the pressure on the Syrian economy, it also highly impacts the countries of destination to which the refugees flee. Providing food and shelter as well as integrating refugees has been challenging and rather unsuccessful. Western countries having a significantly different culture, are often unable to accept the cultural heritage of the Syrian people. The Islam is stigmatized as a religion of violence and oppression. Although often welcomed, many Syrian refugees suffer from these stigmata and prejudices. The countries confronted with the problem take different approaches focusing on short term solutions, such as the refugee pact between Germany and Turkey. However, in order to regain control over the situation and support the Syrian government in ensuring political stability within the country, long term solutions rather than temporary ones have to...

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