Operations Policy Committee


Bryn Smith

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In the modern day, Greece exists in a precarious state of affairs. Its economy hangs in the balance, subject to the crippling debts it has accumulated. Its primary economic drivers are oligopolies, stifling much-needed diversification to relieve the pressure. Despite all this, Greece remains steadfast in its commitment to NATO goals. One of the few countries to meet its military spending targets – largely out of obligation and to maintain its lines of credit rather than a genuine desire to maintain a sufficient military – it exists in a delicate situation, bearing the brunt of many of the security risks that will be considered at this next alliance meeting.

From Libya, where DAESH grows into its new territories, Greece may be forced to take on more refugees than it can sustain. With the closing of the Macedonian border, an already overcrowded situation can become even more precarious were NATO to intervene and displace even more people in bombing DAESH targets. Simultaneously,...

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