Defence Policy and Planning Committee
United States


Severn Mozer

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DPPC US Delegation Position Paper

By Severn Mozer

In recent years NATO has confronted a series of new challenges, including provocative and destabilizing actions by Russia using Hybrid Warfare and member states not fulfilling their military contributions. Unfortunately, NATO’s reaction to these challenges has been less than stellar in public opinion, thus forcing one to ask the utility of the organization in the post-Cold War era. This is a regrettable situation, but it is also an opportunity for rebirth. The United States believes that these obstacles can be used as a springboard for reform. In order to institute effective changes in the organization’s structure we must first understand the issues.

Many in the contemporary era seem to believe that Hybrid Warfare is an all new concept, but in reality it is something that is historically recurring: the use of propaganda, conventional and unconventional force to achieve a groups aims. Examples ...

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