Defence Policy and Planning Committee


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**Defense Policy and Planning Committee

Netherlands Position Paper on Hybrid Warfare and the 2% GDP Rule

Written by: Peter Rautenbach**

It is often claimed that the pen is mightier than the sword, and in the face of modern challenges to security, this may have never been truer. We are gathered here today to address two pressing issues. The first being the use of hybrid warfare against NATO member states, and the seoncd being the need and difficulty of reaching the 2% military spending commitment. While technically separate issues, as per usual, they are deeply intertwined. As a foundering member of NATO, the Netherlands is seriously invested in combating threats to its security and the modern threat is hybrid warfare. To understand this threat we must first define it and therefore, “Hybrid threats are those posed by adversaries, with the ability to simultaneously employ conventional and non -conventional means adaptively in pursuit of their objectives”(Miklaucic 2011).

The revolutionary aspect of hybrid warfare is its non-milita...

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