Defence Policy and Planning Committee


Alex Heros

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As the delegate of France in the Defence Policy and Planning Committee, I am pleased to put forth this short paper to present France’s position concerning two different topics that will be discussed during our meeting: the importance of Hybrid Warfare and the 2% GDP rule. As one of the most active and engaged members of NATO on the international scene, France take these two topics very seriously and look forward making real progress concerning NATO’s role on the international scene in the near future

Firstly, Hybrid warfare is a phenomenon that has become more common in the last decade and it is still hard to define it properly. However, we take this unconventional threat very seriously and we strongly recommend that all NATO members strengthen their defence capabilities, especially in the cyber space. Our world has changed significantly in the past few years and being able to defend ourselves in the cyber space is as important as being able to defend ourselves on the battlefield since extremist groups like Daesh use technology and social media in order to propagate their ideologies. Our enemies can now operate on more ...

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