Defence Policy and Planning Committee
Czech Republic


Pang Tralong

Cite as

Brenda Pizano 7/21/2016

Defense Policy and Planning Committee: Czech Republic

Hybrid Warfare Hybrid warfare even when not agreed upon the term yet it is one of the biggest contemporary threats that NATO faces, some say it is a new type of war. Hybrid warfare refers to hostile non-military attacks or tactics directed a state for example cyber-attacks, economic retaliation, and propaganda, among others(1). However there are ongoing debates about the details of the definition and what it can be consider a hybrid tactic(2).

This and other complexities related to this kind of hostile activities represent a challenge when trying to formulate strategies against them. It is important to point out on of the difficulty and uncertainty involved in recognizing a responsible actor of this kind of attacks. Due to all these complexities NATO faces a challenge when deciding how to defend and response to them.Czech Republic acknowledges this kind of...

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