North Atlantic Council


Ketevan Korkiya

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Republic of Turkey

Topic I – Re-examining Russia-NATO relations

The relationship between NATO and Russia has always been complex. Turkey was NATO’s strong southern anchor against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In the light of on going conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine Crisis tension between NATO and Russia has increased. Turkey is concerned by Russia’s continued destabilising pattern of military activities and aggressive rhetoric, which goes well beyond Ukraine. The Republic of Turkey supports Ukraine’s integrity and denies recognition of Crimea’s referendums. The situation in Ukraine is of grave concern. The crisis in Ukraine strongly influences peace and stability in the world. Our republic is concerned for the fate of the Crimean Tatar minority, who had suffered wholesale persecution under the Soviet rule, supported Ukraine’s independence and did not want to live again under Russian rule. Turkey firmly believes in democratic principles and wishes for Ukraine to become a strong democratic state based on the rule of law. All people deserve the right ...

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