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Paula Nowak

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Introduction: The Kingdom of Spain is committed to maintaining peace and stability in Europe. Unfortunately, in recent years this has been shaken by incidents within and outside of the continent. Spanish concerns include maritime security, counterterrorism, and cyber security in a time of increasing virtual interconnectedness (Ward, 2016). Despite economic uncertainties, Spain has taken part in the Air Police of the Baltic, Active Fence in Turkey, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean Sea, and is a leader in cyber security.

Russia on the Eastern Flank: Due to the history of the Cold War, NATO’s relationship with Russia has always been complicated and rife with tension. While better for some time, tensions are up due to Russia’s actions in the Donbas region of Ukraine and European fears of further actions against other States. Spain believes that it is important to continue to communicate and try to work with Russia to resolve this issue. In the past, Russia...

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