North Atlantic Council


Iain Meredith

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NATO’s North Atlantic Council (NAC) is required to develop two significant communiques: 1, to denounce Russia’s policy and recent actions on the eastern flank of Europe through a political/military strategy (a more traditional role for the Alliance); and 2). to announce NATO’s participation in the ongoing crisis in Syria against the terrorist state IS (a relatively newer role for the Alliance). In both these communiques, Portugal’s position is to provide a strong political endorsement for economic sanctions and publically denounce Russian and IS activities while concurrently supplying a nominal military force to support a larger military mission to reduce the threat to NATO’s common interests and global security. This position is founded upon: the effectiveness of economic pressures on countries such as Russia and other states who would support organisations like IS; the political strategy is cognizant of Portugal’s domestic socio/economic considerations while meeting national strategic defence objectives; and finally, recognizes Portugal’s limited capabilities to independently force project strategic defence given the size of their military. Portugal will not be able to assume a leadership role in an aggressive military stance against Russia or the terrorist threat in Syria or Libya, but it is in a position to politically support their NATO part...

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