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Since Vladmir Putin’s return to the Kremlin in 2012, the Russian Federation has been rapidly modernizing their entire armed forces, both in technological and operational means. (Norwegian Intelligence Service, 2016) (Norwegian Ministry of Defense, 2016) While modernization in itself isn’t an issue, Moscow’s willingness to exercise its military forces in the Ukraine and Syria has become a cause of concern for the stability of the former Warsaw Pact members and the Middle East. (Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2015) Furthermore, due to Russian’s deteriorating economic situation and its failure to convince Kiev to move away from the West. Moscow is currently facing both internal and external pressure, which when combined with Putin’s increased popularity due his aggressive foreign policy, means that the Kremlin will continue pursuing its expansionist policy for the coming years with a high likelihood. (Norwegian Intelligence Service, 2016)

The current geo-politics of Eastern Europe are becoming inc...

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