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Position Paper for the North Atlantic Council

The topics being discussed by the North Atlantic Council are the Russian crisis on the eastern flank of Europe and the role of NATO in the Syrian war. The delegation of Germany looks forward to the discussion on both short and long term solutions with strong and concrete plans on implementation of policy decisions.

Topic A: Russian Aggression

With one of the strongest and most influential militaries in the world, Russia is a force that needs to be treated with the utmost importance to ensure collective security for all NATO member states. However, with their recent aggression into the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine, their conflict with Georgia, and other aggressive tactics along the border of many EU and subsequent NATO nations, it is imperative that NATO develops a comprehensive strategy to deal with the situation at hand.

Over the past few years, German-Russian relations have been quite rocky, with Germany declaring Russia as one of the largest threats to EU security in their recent future security report. Germany has placed numerous sanctions on Russia in response to their actions in Crimea, however, Chancellor Merkel’s government has considering lifting some of those sanctions (including travel restriction) in return for Russian cooperation with local elections in Crimea. The general interest for Germany in the scenario is to try and satisfy Russia, will ensuring a positive result for the EU. Germany would also like to avoid a confrontation or conflict of any sort, as it may create diplomatic tensions between EU member states, which would be extremely harmful given the recent BREXIT shakeup.

The German government itself has been quite divided on the right course of action to take against Russia, and what course would be best for NATO. Chancellor Angela Merkel has ...

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