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Diana Edwards

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23 July 2016 By Diana Edwards (The views expressed in this paper are the author’s alone, and do not reflect the policies of the Royal Canadian Navy or the Canada Department of National Defence.)

Denmark and NATO have had a long relationship: the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark cites NATO as a “cornerstone” of Danish foreign policy and critical to ensuring Denmark’s continued security (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, 2016, p. 8). Denmark was a founding member of NATO in 1949, and has continued to play a key role ever since.

Topic 1:Re-examining Russia-NATO relations

Russia and NATO relations have been contentious since NATO’s inception, but have been increasing in tension in recent years. Increased military actions have, once again, brought this relationship to the forefront. Since both countries border the Baltic Sea, Denmark has been directly affected by the tension between Russia and NATO. The Danish air force has scrambled jets against the Russian air force nearing Danish airspace a number of times in the past few years, as many as 16 in a month (Orange, 2015, para. 6).

Proposed policies:

While diplomatic, economic and military interventions are all important, Denmark’s primary policy is that the Russia...

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