North Atlantic Council
Czech Republic


Brenda Pizano

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Denis But 7/21/2016

           North Atlantic Council Committee: Czech Republic.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, NATO lost its primary reason to exist. The change of political regime in the countries of the ex-USSR prompted a new behavior towards them from the part of the EU and NATO members. The relationships with the governments of the communist republics that declared their independence had to be radically changed. With time, however, it became apparent that the government of Russia is interested in keeping the ex-USSR republics under its dominance using military force, economic or political pressure.

Today, the ideas of reviving the Soviet Union are not rare and the ex-republics are treated as the satellite countries, but not independent partners. In the view of these circumstances, NATO is seen by the Eastern European countries as an alliance that will help protect their countries in the case Russi...

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