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Ronan Murphy

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MUNICE 2016 IAEA Position Paper Delegate: Ronan Murphy Country: New Zealand Delegation: UCC Alum

Topic 1: The Use of Nuclear Energy and Fissile Materials for Space Travel, Interplanetary Colonialism, and Extraterrestrial Industry

With the growing effect of climate change becoming ever present, the world will have to turn to space for the future of the human race. Currently our technology limits our abilities to sustain human life on other planets in our solar system, and no suitable planet, or Goldilocks planet, has been properly identified that mimics earth’s atmosphere and ability to support life. As such, it is in the best interests of the international community to begin to establish and research viable energy options that would allow sustained human life on otherwise inhospitable planets. Fossil fuels have too low an energy density to be practical, and most chemical methods are no more efficient. The strongest and best option that currently presents itself is nuclear energy. 
New Zealand is a leader and home to one of the most progressive privatized space programs in the world. Rocket Labs, a company backed by Silicon Valley’s Kholsa Ventures and with a $25 million dollar investment from the ...

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