World Tourism Organization
South Africa


Kuba Murawski

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Committee: UNWTO Topic: Progressing visa openness and its contribution in decline of tourists' and locals' safety level Country: Republic of South Africa

Honourable chairs and delegates,

I am really pleased to participate in UNWTO committee. Being a delegate from RSA, I would like to present my country's view on the Affair. First and foremost I want to introduce some general information's about this southernmost, well developing state in Africa. The most important organizations RSA belongs to are: The Commonwealth, G7+5, UN and African Union (Johannesburg is one of political centres). South Africa is known to be modern country, looking after multiethnic society with a wide variety of cultures, languages and religions. RSA want to be valued and have a real influence in the international arena. We learnt from the past. After having been chosen to become a member of G7+5 group we decided ...

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