International Atomic Energy Agency
United States


Jeremi Kurdek

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Honorable Chairs, Distinguished Delegates,

The topic of this session, which is revolving around the management and disposal of nuclear spent fuel, is of profound significance to The United States of America. As the member of nuclear-weapon states and P5, The United States of America is deeply concerned about the issues connected with the safe disposal of nuclear wastes.

Nuclear power reactors are fueled mostly with low-enriched and natural uranium, which undergoes a fission chain reaction releasing heat and creating radioactive products and plutonium. Eventually, the concentration of isotopes drops to the point where the fuel is considered "spent" and has to be replaced with fresh fuel. After cooling, the spent fuel may be transferred to massive air-cooled dry casks for storage on site or in a centralized facility. In a few countries, spent fuel is sent to a reprocessing p...

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