Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee


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Topic I As the world evolves into more capitalist, corporations put its focus on how their investment could expand. This indeed triggers the violence towards indigenous people through corporations’ expansion on their land and its exploitation of the resources. People may not notice the significant impact on a particular community, yet the impact on their rights which amounts to violence has been evident. Further, it would impact the environment as a whole and hamper the development of a state. Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was adopted by the General Assembly in 2007, has created significant changes in the attempt of recognizing the rights of indigenous people, such as the recognition of indigenous people as an important part of supporting element in the Paris Agreement 2015. Moreover, Japan has taken serious step in recognizing Ainu as the indigenous community. In 2008, the Government of Japan called a high-level expert council, the Advisory Council for Futu...

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