Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
New Zealand


Chiara Situmorang

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Position Paper

Topic A: Eliminating Violence towards Indigenous People

Violence towards indigenous people has been around since colonization first started. The invasion of indigenous people across the world has led to slavery, land grabs, genocide, and numerous other horrifying tragedies. The discrimination against indigenous people has made them more likely to become a victim of violent crime, with indigenous girls and women facing an even higher chance of becoming a victim. The swift rise of globalization in recent years has even further marginalized the indigenous people and their unique traditions in a world that is steadily becoming more uniform.

The Maori, New Zealand’s group of indigenous people, represents 15% of the population. They are the second largest ethnic group in New Zealand after the European New Zealanders, yet there is still a trend of discrimination and violence against them. Violence against the Maori often goes unreported, since cases that are reported are often dealt with injustice. Stereotypes...

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