Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee


Imanuel Kasehung

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Committee : General Assembly – Social, Humanitarian & Cultural (SOCHUM) Country : Commonwealth of Australia Topic Area : Eliminating Violence towards Indigenous People According to the United Nations, there are approximately 400 million Indigenous people worldwide and more of them are facing the distinction. The Indigenous people are living within our society nowadays, but as the world is develop, the Indigenous people still lack behind and cannot follow the changes, and they actually refuse to change. By this action, making them lack in education and literally going to live in a poor conditions. Australia realizes that the main reason Indigenous people faced the discrimination and violence is because they are not ready with the change. The Australia, as a home for Aborigin and Torres Strait Islander tribes, understands on how the Indigenous are important and also valued in the society but what will Australia facing is frightening from the absence of Indigenous people in the society, and eventually will lead to unstable society within the Australia and the international community. Therefore, the government of Australia has been promoting on lessen the ga...

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