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Mabel Ofori

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POSITION PAPER Delegation from: Spain Represented by: MABEL OFORI (University of Professional Studies) The position paper for UN women first committee The topics before the UN women committee are 1: The vital role of women in agriculture and rural development and 2: Strengthening the rights of female children. Spain commits to strengthening protocols for improved coordinated responses to these vital topics and article 130 of the Spanish Constitution says; 1. The public authorities shall attend to the modernisation and development of all economic sectors and, in particular, those of agriculture, livestock raising, fishing and handcrafts, in order to bring the standard of living of all Spaniards up to the same level and strengthening the rights of female children is something we the government of Spain strongly advocate and support. 1. The vital role of women in agriculture and rural development Spanish agricultural policy sets a range of specific and priority targets regarding agriculture, livestock farming and fisheries: to consolidate and increase safe, high-quality, market-orientated and sustainable production. Agriculture in Spain is a strategic sector of great social, territorial, environmental and economic importance. This assertion rests upon one of the following fact: Half of all the lands in Spain is used for agricultural or livestock activities (33% as farmland and 16% as meadows or pasture land) and the agri-food sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Spanish economy. In Spain, casual or seasonal wage-work is a growing feature of female employment in rural areas. In the rural areas of Spain in 1998, 48.8% of women aged 16 to 69 were in work, compa...

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