UN Commission on the Status of Women
Iran, Islamic Republic of


Katharine Bligh

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UN Commission on the Status of Women: Position Paper of Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran)

Prepared by Katharine Bligh

1.0 Part A: Question of increasing female involvement in governmental roles:

1.1 Political Participation of Iranian Women Women played a significant role in the revolution 1979, and have been mobilised in the Iranian public sphere ever since. Political participation and occupation of positions of power has long been a recognised duty and right of Iranian women.

The percentage of women represented in the Iranian parliament has increased by 300% since the first election, however has hovered between 3% and 4% over the last decade. In the recent 2016 elections, of the 6,229 candidates 586 were women. This is an increase of at least 355% from the first election. Of these candidates 14 won seats (5 more than the previous delegation). The number of female members of parliament at a local level has inc...

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