High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development


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Country: Kingdom of Norway Topic: National Economic Policies for Post-2015: Sustainable Development Goals, From Vision To Action Committee: High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development A. Background of Topic By 2015, the Millenum Development Goals (MDGs) has succeeded in globally decreasing the number of people living under extreme poverty to 14%, while increasing the number of women receiving primary and secondary education. However, many have criticized MDGs as too quantitative while ignoring the social aspects of its goals, and as a “progress, but not for everyone”. For example, MDGs aims for gender equality and the empowerment of women by giving women more chances to receive primary and secondary education. However, according to the United Nations “..gender inequality persists in spite of more representation of women in parliament and more girls going to school. Women continue to face discrimination in access to work, economic assets and participation in private and public decision-making.” Another example would be the result of 50% extreme povert...

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