Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee


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United Nations Social and Humanitarian Committee — People's Republic of Bangladesh

With this document, the People's Republic of Bangladesh hereby states their position on the two provided topics below:

1. Eliminating Violence Against Indigenous Peoples


Although the United Nations has not laid out an official definition for the term, indigenous people are widely known as ethnic groups who possess historical ties to a region and are known to have preserved their traditional lifestyles. They are prone to violence and marginalization from other groups that may be considered dominant in a certain area (i.e. by colonization).


While most of the population belong to the Bengal ethnicity, 3 million people in Bangladesh collectively form the nation's 35 minority ethnic groups ("adivasi" in Bengali). Many of these people reside in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a region in the southeastern area of the nation. Historically, there had been conflicts with indigenous people due to the government's initial refusal to recognize ethnic groups other than the Bengal majority. Resistance movements soon formed and engaged in warfare against the Bangladeshi government. These conflicts have resulted in various acts of violence committed against the indigenous population. In 1996, the government began peace negotiations in order to solve the issue, and...

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