Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee


Utari Dwi Zaharani

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Council: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

Country: Argentina

Topic A: Eliminating Violence towards Indigenous People

“Fundamental violations of human rights always lead to people feeling less and less human.”- Aung San Suu Kyi

Indigenous people remain perceive themselves as stranger in their own land. Discrimination, despoliation of land and structural violence are still prevailing to the natives. Furthermore, their protest are still remain unheard by the government. The first violation occurred centuries ago when the western conquest their land. In Argentina, the land ownership system still carries the same procedure that favors the colony, which make the indigenous people experience difficulties to own their ancestral land. Massive flow of investment from multinational company in modern day also hinder the indigenous people to fulfill their rights. Particularly, when the multinational company work together with the state government to exploit the natural resources that should be owned by indigenous people.

Since 1980 onwards, the government of Argentina became more aware with this issue. The parliament keeps on adjusting their policy and law along with the regeneration of government. In 1985, Raul Alfosin’s government amend the law of land ownership and protection in favor to indigenous people. . The government themselves has established organization such as INADI (National Institute against D...

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