High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development


Ruth Latreia

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Country: Kingdom of Spain Committee: High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Topic Area: National Economic Policies for the Post 2015 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, from a Vision to Action

I. Background The Post 2015 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals having 17 goals and 169 targets was proposed on July 2015 and was approved on September 2015, after putting an end to the Millennium Goals Development (MDG) due to its inefficiency, followed by the SDG Funds created to help the transition from the MDGs to SDGs. Focusing on the economics, Vietnam has been of the best performing country in terms of poverty reduction. However, a big percentage of Sub-Saharan Africa's population are still living in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty and hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa may be caused by exploitation by other countries, South Sudan having the lowest economic growth . According to the EU figures, 2.6 million children are in risk of poverty in Spain, despite its fast economic growth. Child poverty is believed to be caused by the high rate of unemployment, making parents incapable of educating their children. Unicef reported, the largest increase in child poverty between 2008 until 2014 happens i...

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