High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development


Catharina Dheani

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High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Topic : National Economic Policies for the Post 2015 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, from a Vision to Action

“Without taking care of the environment we are shaving digits off GDP and, therefore, limiting our very potential for the future.”- Inger Andersen

As the timetable has been passed, the MDGs targets were set us ‘half-way’ to the goal of living harmoniously in proximity with the preservation of our earth. Observing the current trends, there is a close correlation between economic growth and environmental degradation. The population boom and unsustainable consumption lead to over-exploitation. As a result, it worsens the environment and depletes our biodiversity. In spite of the clear dangers caused by these environmental problems, the world’s economic system keeps on neglecting the environmental and social costs associated with unsustainable growth. Thus, returning to a “business as usual” would indeed be unwise and involving risks that could impose human costs and constraints on economic growth and development. Ultimately, Netherlands believes that SDGs are designed to finish the job – to get into a more universal and quantified target in promo...

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