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Viola Hartono

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The Delegation of the Republic of Kenya World Water Crisis World Health Organization

Water is one of the most vital natural resource humans all over the world need. With the growth of population and urbanization across the globe, water sustainability in some areas is no longer available. Many areas experience flooding or drought, caused by poor management of the surrounding nature, such as deforestation. Right now, numerous countries are struggling with lack of water or a corrupted water system, creating a crisis in the country. Lack of clean water may cause environmental disturbances to the flora and fauna of that area, also affecting the lifestyle of humans living without clean water. Poverty and diseases are common in places where water is insufficient or dirty. The United Nations has been dealing with this crisis for many years, and have helped the areas affected. One of the most recent and impactful acts was the International Decade of Action ‘Water for Life’ from 2005 to 2015, which helped developing countries especially cope with the water crisis. There have also been many events to raise awareness of saving water and encouraging people to donate to the UN projects.
Kenya has also been affected by the water crisis, with 17 million citizens, 43% of t...

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