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Dila Septiani

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Committee: World Health Organization Country: Delegate of Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic of Greece Topic: The rise of Zika virus

I. History of issue and key areas of discussion Originating from Uganda in 1947, Zika virus has now spread throughout the globe and is especially spotted in the areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands(1). Furthermore, this virus is also suspected to be present and spreading in France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Spain and Greece. Zika virus is commonly transmitted through infected Aedes aegypti mosquito bites, although it can also be transmitted through sexual contact, blood transfusion, and from mother to child. Mostly, Zika disease has no symptoms at all or some only have mild symptoms like fever, joint pain, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, or headache(2). If in fact the infected person undergoes the symptoms, it only last for several days and the person will not get sick enough to visit the hospital preventing the realization of the Zika virus they are infected with. Currently, there is no vaccine or medicine to treat Zika virus. This virus is especially dangerous for pregnant women since the baby in the womb could encounter neurological disorders like Guillain-Barre syndrome or microcephaly, causing birth defects, or premature death(3). Even if the babies with microcephaly survive, they often suffered permanent brain damage. Although considered a global public health emergency, Zika virus rarely leads to death and those who died out of this virus usually have other health conditions. However, Zika virus is still a very serious problem to solve since it could give threatening illness like microcephaly towards babies, a dangerous effect for the future generation and is even placed in the same category of significance and importance as Ebola. With that, the rise of Zika virus needs to be faced very seriously considering the deadly impacts it could give. II. Country’s Stance Recently, Greece was given a red flag for being a Zika virus epidemic zone which is why we, the delegation of Greece, are especially concerned with the possible circulation o...

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