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COUNTRY : Republic of France

COMMITTEE : World Health Organization

TOPIC AREA : Rise of the Zika Virus (A)

With the drastic increase of cases baby being born with microchepaly and people affected by Guillan-Bare syndrome and its rapid spreading because of its vector, Aedes mosquito, Zika virus has become a threat and thus a major issue for countries around the world. With symptoms and vector that are identical to dengue and chikunguya disease It’s hard to identify infected victims before it’s spreaded even further. This virus aggresively roams over the world causing outbreaks across continents and already 62 countries and territories are reported evidence of vector-borne Zika virus transmission. If no major action is taken in the near future, countries around the world will face population loss, as a result of birth defects caused by Zika virus.


The World Health Organization (WHO), which has been in operation for 6 decades, plays a crucial role in fighting international diseases such as Zika virus. Since 1 February 2016 WHO has declared the cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders a health emergency. As an attempt WHO has been collecting informations from around the world to recognize the spreading pattern of Zika virus and prevention actions and research for the vaccine already going on.


The Republic of France highly s...

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