United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


Moses Andrian

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Committee: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Country: The Kingdom of Sweden

Topic: "The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable"

History of Issue and Key Areas of Discussion

Starting around the industrialization era, the world had been advancing in technology. However in that era, people had not known the risk of industrial gas emission toward the future of mother nature. The world had been intoxicated with greenhouse gases and it started to show negative impacts toward the whole world. According to the World Resources Institute in 2010, ten top countries like China, United States of America, India, Russia, Indonesia and much more had been donating around 70% of global annual greenhouse gas (or GHG) emission, that is around 30.1 GtCO2eq or giga tonnes equivalent of CO2 gases (Ge). According to a Stanford researchers, the huge amount of GHG emissions correlate directly with the increment of “human mortality” and nature destruction rate (Bergeron). Warm Heart Worldwide Organization added, GHG emissions currently resulted in droughts, wildfires, rising sea level, habitat loss, changes of seasonal patterns and more (“What”). As ...

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