United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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Committee: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Country : Slovak Republic Topic : The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations

Precursors We now live in a world where our sons and grandsons may never see the beauty of the world as we, in the older generations, did. Yet, the increasing impacts of the climate change that is now currently happening may even hamper ourselves, as the current generation, to enjoy the beauty of the world. And it all was caused by one massive event occurring in the late 18th century and helped by the greed of our will, the industrial revolution. The ever much easier ways to manufacture goods thru the new and “hip” technologies have pushed mankind to make more and more of the things that they thought to be needed more. While our heads and bronzes were focused on producing products, we left mother nature harmed and ignored every screams that it yelled. Without realizing it, human species has actually created a massive emission of greenhouse gasses that lead to a chaotic climate change in the end. How did the human species ...

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