United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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Council: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Topic: Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations

Country: Netherlands

Delegate: Annemarie Sieraphin Minaesta Wantah

After decades of conventions, including the most recent twenty first conference of parties held in Paris last year, it is safe to say that all nations that have ratified the treaty of UNFCCC has reached a significant milestone in fulfilling its goals on mitigating climate change. The 21st COP has proven effective not only in terms of rallying nearly 200 countries across the world to commit in reducing their GHG emissions, as legally bound in the Paris Agreement; but it has also proven itself as a benchmark for productive multilateral diplomacy, as well as serving as a turning point in building the low carbon economy. However, in the midst of all this progress and success, Netherlands could not help but be aware of a few issues that we believe have been overlooked by this council; mainly surrounding the impact of climate change on vulnerable nations and what further actions should be taken to help ease the repercussions, amongst other important issues that also needs to be addressed in this council.

Though Netherlands is classified as a developed country, our country also faces the ample consequences of climate change, particularly the effects of rising sea levels and increasing rainfall. Geographically, we are a very flat country with almost 25% of our lands at, or below sea level. Each year our people experience extreme floods that affect o...

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