United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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Country : The Republic of Maldives

Topic : The Impacts of Climate Change on Vulnerable Countries

Committee : United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Industrial revolution marked the beginning of the technological advancement which resulted in the revolution of manufacturing pattern and the enhancement in standard of living. While it is undeniable that industrial revolution has generated impactful effects to the better life, like two sides of coin, it also brought the other side. Triggered by the lack of policy to maintain pollution and the absence of waste management plan, industrial revolution brought along with itself the disruption of Earth’s ecology in the form of increasing greenhouse gases concentration (GHG) in the atmosphere. The higher GHG emission went parallel with higher global temperature. The domino effects go on with the occurrence of melting glaciers and ice caps which leads to sea level rise that may cause sea water intrusion, damage to agricultural sector, an...

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