United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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Delegate of France

The Impacts of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Jakarta Model United Nations 2015

The fight for the climate is part of a fight for human dignity, a fight for equality, a fight for fundamental rights, a fight that has been under way for decades, for centuries. You know that it was in Paris where the Rights of Man and of the Citizen were proclaimed. Well, thanks to you today, we have just proclaimed the Rights of Humanity. –Francois Hollande, President of French Republic .

Your Excellency Board of Directors,

    The industrial revolution of our world has brought impacts through the lives of humanity. Yet, in one side it brings us forward through a progressive and globalized development, however it also brings us backward into a more destructive environment. Today, the production of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and demolition of environment have caused massive climate change that seriously threat the existence of humanity.

    Seeing this threat, France recognizes that climate is one of the most prominent aspects of nations survival and sustainability. Therefore, we believe that fixing the climate change should become one of global foremost priorities. Considering that the world now are facing several climate problems such as increasing sea level, heat wave, Antarctica ice melt and wind change, France realizes that we needs to enhance our endeavor to counter climate change in local and also global level in order to seek an ideal global climate and also saving the vulnerable nations from extinction.

France Further Contribution on Countering Climate Change

     From our previous actions, we believe that France has ...

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