United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


Ikrar Satya Dharma

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Committee : United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Delegation : Kingdom of Bhutan Topic : The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations Delegate : I Putu Ikrar Satyadharma, 8 Senior Highschool

The increasing use of oil based fuel and technologies that produce “Greenhouse gases” have rose the temperature within the earth’s atmosphere that causes a world-wide phenomenon known as Global Warming, costed people their homes, family members and their own live. The chains of events and disasters following Global Warming are compiled into one single event called Climate Change. Climate Change has been a controversial topic amongst many country all over the globe. Climate change as one of the greatest man made catastrophe since the World Wars, has take it’s toll on mankind. And now as the result of Climate change are growing stronger, nations that are already located on extreme areas like, Sea-side Countries, Mountain enclosed countries and developing countries are facing imminent danger. Cases like Droughts, Heat waves and Ris...

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