United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


Nathaya Anandipa

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  • Country : The Federal Republic of Austria
  • Topic: The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations
  • Committee: United Nations on Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

The industrial revolution changes the way of global manufacture works by starting to use fossil fuels for daily human activities. The high numbers of fossil fuels increases the quantity of greenhouse gases and results to climate change. Austria acknowledges the adverse global impact of climate change has to the environment. In Africa, climate change has increased the number of water scarcity. In the mountain areas, the risk of floods rises caused by the retreat of glaciers. Sea level rise also increases the risk of complete disappearance of small islands nation. Austria realizes the major challenge faced by all nations as we also suffer the consequences of climate change. Temperature rise in Austria leads to prolonged summer droughts, risk of forest fires, and reduced the amount of snow that threatens Austria’s winter tourism. Additionally, extreme weathers have increased for the past three decades and cause economic ramification. With its various implications, climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges in th...

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