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Committee: World Health Organization Delegation: Swaziland

Topic Area A: World Water Crisis

As a very small, landlocked country that is located in the southern hemisphere, Swaziland, due to its location, has a dry climate and a lack of rainfall, which has left it with a shortage of water supply. The country relies heavily on ground water, and since 1986, “3,000 boreholes had been drilled into the ground” to access water (Barton, Alexandra). Despite this innovation, only 60% of the Swaziland population has access to clean water, with several other projects not functioning properly. As a response to the climate change challenge, with the help of the United Nations Development Programme, Swaziland implemented a project in 2012, which greatly improved the quality of education because of the increased water available for students in school. Another initiative is the integration of rainwater harves...

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