Emergency Summit on the European Refugee Crisis


Yi-chun Chen
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Country or Position: Finland

Committee: Emergency Summit on the European Refugee Crisis

Name: Yi-chun Chen

University: National Taiwan University

Finland’s domestic immigration policies have given precise definition and clear criteria to refugees and asylum seekers, which is under the obligation of Dublin Regulation. Nevertheless, Finland believes that the many member-states’ unilateral suspension has been dragging down the efficiency and effectiveness of its validity under international legal system.

Finland stand affirms on its view that the erosion of Dublin Regulation is due to its systemic problem, which requires the combined effort of all the Mediterranean-surrounding countries, which geographically being on the inevitable route to west Europe. With such huge scope of refugee crisis, it is neither the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) nor the Regional Refugee and Resilience (3RP) which could solely tackle this issue. Additionally, with the looming shadow of economic recession, Finland regretting ...

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