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Nathanael Jo

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ON THE RISE OF ZIKA Context: The delegate of the United Kingdom expresses his deepest concerns regarding the spread of the recent Zika virus, namely its potential to cross the Atlantic and extend its reach to Europe. Zika, a previously malignant virus with symptoms that of the common cold, has recently been correlated to the recent rise of microcephaly in pregnant women’s offspring. Such a pandemic can put a severe strain on the next generation’s intellectual capacity and on the country’s economy to support to flux of disabled children.

Originally isolated in Uganda in the late 20th century, the most chronic case of Zika today is sweeping through Latin America and the southern parts of North America. Although the virus has a geographic bent on equatorial countries as they rely on mosquitoes as a vector, there is no way of predicting the mutations and evolved resilience Zika can take. And as the United Kingdom steps into a disrupting era of Brexit wherein fallen economies and political turmoil haunt headlines, it is in our best interest to avoid this additional problem from occurring.

Zika and the UK: Public Health England has repeatedly enforced strict travel regulations for British citizens travelling to Zika-prone countries, with a specific emphasis on pregnant women, in order to halt the spread of Zika further. However, since Zika has been reported to spread through sex too, everyone in the populous is advised to take heavy caution in the Americas until more research sheds light on its safety (or lack thereof). This has been executed with great success wherein only four cases of the...

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