Human Rights Council


Michał Kawka

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Position paper

Delegation : The Republic of Colombia

Committee: Human Rights Council

Topic: Inhumane conditions, brutality and human rights violations in prisons

Honourable Delegates, Distinguished Chairs,

The delegate of the Republic of Columbia would like to express his utmost gratitude for the ability to participate in such a prestigious debate, concerning the pressing issue of human rights violations in prison.

The past few years have been dramatic ones in Latin American and Caribbean prisons, which hold a total of over half a million inmates. Conditions continue to stagnate -- and even to worsen in some countries -- inspiring dramatic and violent forms of prisoner protest. Massacres, riots, and other violent incidents have been occurring in prisons across the region, providing further evidence of the widespread failure of Latin America's penal systems. In Latin America’s prisons, notorious for extreme overcrowding and violence, inmates live in constant danger of bein...

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