General Assembly Second Committee
United Kingdom


Anna Joby

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Topic: protection of global climate for present and future generation Committee: Economic and financial committee Country: united Kingdom

All economic activities are either affected directly or indirectly by natural and environmental resources. Unprecedented economic development without considering the carrying capacity of the environment leads to ecological degradation which in the long run it deteriorates the quality of life. Over the past years, several changes have taken place in our environment resulting in ozone layer depletion. Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, and loss of bio diversity pose threat to the global economy and towards the future standard living condition of man and hence we have an obligation to preserve the biological resources, as complete reversal of ecological damage is improbable. The inter-governmental panel on climate change (IPCC), reports that they had underestimated the speed at which climate change was happening. Past international counteract mechanisms include ratifying the Kyoto protocol and adopting clean developmen...

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